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Winter In Bloom

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Floral Tincture

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Floral Tincture

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1oz Matte Black Frosted Glass bottle with dropper. packaged in tissue with ribbon or twine.  

Made famous by hot water for steeping and sipping, most people never thought about applying hibiscus to their skin as they sipped on the fresh and fruity hot hibiscus tea.   Introducing the new Hibiscus tincture - a natural extract for skincare that will leave you with a radiant, glowing complexion. Our extract is made from the finest Hibiscus petals, known for their bright vibrant clolors of neon red, pale pink, cotton white and it’s pomegranate/cranberry flavor that transfers over into the extract.

Gentle cleansing: Our Hibiscus Extract contains natural saponins that effectively cleanse your skin without drying it out. It's perfect for everyday skincare routine for all skin types.

Exfoliation: The AHAs and organic acids in our Hibiscus Extract work together to exfoliate your skin, removing dead cells and revealing a healthy, glowing complexion.

Anti-aging: Hibiscus is rich in vitamins C and E, which fight against free radicals that cause wrinkles and fine lines. It also promotes the regeneration of skin cells, producing more collagen molecules that keep your skin looking youthful and

Moisturizing: Our Hibiscus Extract nourishes and hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. It's perfect for those looking for a moisturizing solution that won't clog their pores.




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