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Raw Rose Quartz 1lb

Raw Rose Quartz 1lb

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Raw Rose Quartz, a gemstone that epitomizes love and healing in its most pure form. This crystal is a masterpiece, meticulously sourced to bring a touch of serenity and balance to your life. Each piece is unique and measures .5"-1" and is sold by the pound.
Delicate hues of pink illuminate from within, casting a soft, soothing glow. Infused with the power to open the heart, this Raw Rose Quartz promotes a sense of deep peace and unconditional love, making it not just a stone, but a beacon of emotional healing and self-care. Whether you are seeking to attract love, nurture existing relationships, or simply gift yourself the love you deserve, this Rose Quartz is your ally in the journey towards emotional enlightenment. Embrace the essence of pure love and let this radiant gemstone be a reminder of the infinite love that surrounds and resides within you. Immerse yourself in the healing embrace of Rose Quartz

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