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Elderberry Tincture

Elderberry Tincture

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1oz Matte Black Frosted Glass bottle with dropper. packaged in tissue with ribbon or twine.  

Introducing our extraordinary elderberry herbal tincture, crafted with utmost care and dedication to bring you the remarkable benefits of this cherished botanical. Made with wildcrafted elderberries sourced from the pristine landscapes of northern Colorado and local organic grain alcohol, this tincture is a true testament to our commitment to quality and purity.

The elderberries used in our tincture are handpicked from their natural habitat in northern Colorado, where they thrive in the wild. This ensures that only the most vibrant and potent berries are used in our tincture, allowing you to experience the full spectrum of elderberry's exceptional properties.

To extract the valuable compounds found in elderberries, we utilize local organic grain alcohol as our solvent. This traditional method ensures that the tincture captures the essence of the berries, providing you with a potent and effective herbal extract.

Elderberries are celebrated for their immune-boosting properties and rich antioxidant content. They have been used for centuries to support overall wellness and promote a healthy immune response. Incorporating our elderberry tincture into your daily routine allows you to harness the remarkable benefits of this extraordinary plant in a convenient and concentrated form.

Our tincture is expertly crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and efficacy. Simply add a few drops to your favorite beverage or take it directly for a refreshing and invigorating experience. The versatility of our tincture allows you to incorporate it into various applications, from adding it to teas and smoothies to using it as a flavor enhancer in culinary creations.

We take pride in our commitment to using wildcrafted elderberries from northern Colorado and local organic grain alcohol. By choosing our elderberry tincture, you are not only embracing the benefits of this exceptional botanical but also supporting sustainable harvesting practices and the local community.


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