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Winter In Bloom

Raw Creamy Orange Calcite 1lb

Raw Creamy Orange Calcite 1lb

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Enchanting Creamy Orange Calcite, a gemstone that resonates with warmth and vitality, reminds you of a sun-kissed morning. Sourced to ensure its creamy tinted hue and smooth, creamy texture, this Raw Orange Calcite measures around 1" per piece and is sold by the pound.
Tangible slice of sunshine, designed to brighten your space and spirit. Its orange color, has tinted soothing tones, offers not just an aesthetic delight but a powerful emotional uplift, promising to energize and invigorate. Ideal for those seeking to enhance their creativity, boost their confidence, and embrace positivity, this stone serves as a constant reminder of joy and inspiration. Allow its luminous glow to infuse your life with warmth and serenity.

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