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Winter In Bloom

Sunny Disposition Salve

Sunny Disposition Salve

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This salve gets its name because we use the sunniest flower that has ever graced a garden; it’s the Calendula flower! A spot of sunshine on even the rainiest day and a minimal mild yet captivating scent. There are so many versatile herbs and flowers out there and calendula is most definitely in the top.

This is an essential item, you need this salve in your life! It’s good for whatever, whenever, wherever. It can be used on babies to the elderly and even our pets! This is a staple in my dogs’ first aid kit and I’ve also used this on horses with great effect.

Sunny Disposition is the ultimate soothing relief and can be applied directly to open wounds; it will take the burn away from cuts, scrapes, rashes, eczema flares, sunburns and even bug bites and stings. It’s also anti-microbial and will aid in disinfecting the wound as well as helping to protect it.
Sunny Disposition is non greasy and will penetrate the skin to provide soothing relief to cracked, chapped and extremely dry skin.

Available in single ounce amber tinted glass jars or 1oz matte black tins.

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